Alcohol Concern is the national charity on alcohol misuse for England and Wales, campaigning for effective alcohol policy and improved services for people whose lives are affected by alcohol-related problems.

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  1. I have always enjoyed moderate drinking and sometimes get ‘a bit’ drunk, but never to the extent where I slur or fall over or cause harm/offence to another person. At 7 I had a my first martini and lemonade under my family’s supervision. Then at 14 we had a new year party (1980) and my brother and I were offered HARVEY WALLBANGER!!! Of course, I enjoyed it – but had I said no to alcohol all those years ago (or not been offered), I may have not felt the need to drink in later life.

    The main problem with young people having drinking problems is peer pressure, and looking ‘cool’ to your mates. If they were real mates that would not enourage you to do something you are reluctant to do. Also the alco-pops don’t help. I think pub staff/managers should be given more authority to deal with consumption and drunkeness, BEFORE it escalates into a potential problem; and manufacturers should be more responsible, and more television advertising to show the harm that can be done with excessive drinking.

    May be a national leaflet could be posted through doors for youngters and parents?

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